Can i activate a sim card online

Activate PREPAID iridium SIM card instantly online 24/7  can i activate a sim card online

Activating your prepaid Iridium SIM card online is easy — we’ll walk you through a few simple steps.

Before you start, have your SIM card and your iridium satphone handy.

  1. Find your 19-digit ICCID code on the back your SIM plastic holder, right below the barcode or if you don’t have it anymore, you can find it on the back of the SIM itself. See product picture for more information.
  2. Find your iridium satphone’s 15-digit IMEI number located on the white sticker under the battery of your phone. For more information see product picture.
  3. Enter above-mentioned information into required fields below and add to cart. Note: you can only activate one SIM at a time.
  4. Once you have paid for your activation, your card will activate instantly and you will receive confirmation in the email with your telephone number along with important information about Balance and Expiration of your SIM.